Photography Gear

I use lots of photography gear to take my photos. I’ve used lots over the years but honestly the move to a mirrorless setup was the best I’ve ever made.


Small, compact and really great detail in the photos I shoot. The lenses are less bulky and honestly they are equally as good as the lenses and cameras I have used in the past.

Why is size important – specifically why is a smaller camera better? I have to say I was tempted to see how much of a difference it would make – turns out it’s huge. Because the camera is small and compact it means I’m always more likely to take it places. Walks, hikes, family days out and more. This means you are more likely to have a really good camera with you when you want to take a photo.

There are many people who believe that mirrorless cameras such as the Sony are just jumped up point and shoot cameras. I can tell you they are not. They have the same (if not better in some cases) capabilities as the other cameras I’ve used. Focus speed for example is so fast on my Sony – it really puts my Nikon gear (D40,60,80,90,7000,7100) to shame. 11FPS shooting speed is also amazing. I can take so many shots with most being in focus all the time!

The other massive advantage is being able to use 3rd party lenses easily using adaptors – the on screen focus is so easy you can actually SEE the area in focus. Really really easy to use and perfect for making use of old lenses with a cheap manual adaptor. For more info of how I use that, read this article.

The following is a list of my current gear – click on any of the links to purchase your own and give me a small kickback to say thanks:

This all fits in my bag with the exception of the large tripod (which attaches to the outside). It means I have my complete travel kit with me at all times. Combine this with my workflow that I use (detailed here) and I have a very capable system.

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