Welcome to the get in touch page of Photogeek.Blog – I’m assuming you’ve come here as you’d like to get in touch with me or learn more about what the blog is about, who I am and why I started the blog.

By day I am a teacher in a secondary school in the UK. But outside of this I have a strong interest in photography, technology and cars. I’ve been shooting photos for many many years – but more recently I have taking a more professional approach to my work – including shooting some models and upgrading equipment to include lens and bodies that require more knowledge to get the best out of them.

I have a wife and daughter (aged 4 at the time of publishing this). We have a busy lifestyle and blogging is a way of getting my views on various bits of kit I use out there, as well as a way of making sure people can make informed decisions about the technology they purchase.

Hopefully you find my articles useful – please share them if you do and feel free to drop me a donation here if you can afford to.

All the best


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