Do I need a still need a digital camera? Part 2

So I thought I’d revisit the article again after spending a week in Cornwall over half term.

What amazed me is despite me loving using my camera normally when on holiday I’m more and more likely it seems to just take photos on my smartphone (iPhone 7 Plus).

I noticed recently that photos like this were really getting a lot of attention on my Instagram feed.

The more I posted photos taken with just my phone the more I’ve realised that as a platform Instagram is ideally suited to mobile photography. I feel there are 2 main reasons for this:

  1. The quality of the photos is dire anyway so regardless if you take a photo on a 42mp full frame beast. It’ll still get cropped or scaled to hell.
  2. People rarely take time to look at the details in photos. If it catches people’s eyes then it’ll be popular. Regardless of any issues with the image.

Another example of a photo people seem to like:

It’s really interesting for me to take photos on my phone. There is something to be said for taking in more of your surroundings due to not carrying much camera gear. I must say there are a few things I would strongly recommend if you are ditching you camera for a smartphone.

  • Ensure you use exposure lock as phones tend to re-evaluate or re-focus frequently
  • Use exposure compensation (sliding up and down on an iPhone for example)
  • Always expose for the brightest part of the image – you’d be amazed how much you can bring back from a phone image
  • Where at all possible shoot RAW (also referred to as DNG) in something like Lightroom Mobile – you will get a huge amount more data and make editing after easier.

So what do you think? Are you comfortable ditching your camera for a decent smartphone on your next holiday.

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