YouTube: Top 10 Channels For Photographers

So I begin my first blog post after the redesign of the site with a small introduction to the people who I get inspiration from online and who’s videos and blogs have inspired me to create my own content and improve my skill set in the photography world.

Lets start off by saying I am in no way saying that these are the only people I recommend, these just stand out as being the people I most often watch content from and find it useful. If you have other suggestions – let me know in the comments section!

So in no particular order here are the top 10 people I would recommend you subscribe to and have a scroll through their back catalogue of content (all names are clickable to save time):

  1. Peter McKinnon – an all round guy for all things photo and cinematography based goodness. I’ve been subscribing to Peter since his first video (8 camera hacks in 90 seconds) – and since then I’ve grown to love his presentation style, his excellent tutorials and the aptly named “Two Minute Tuesday” (which is never 2 minutes!)
  2. Casey Neistat – a daily VLOG channel about all things in his life – he is a creative person who believes that people should work on what they love. He has been involved in Beme (a now defunct tech startup) and also launched 368 in the last few months – he works with a wide range of people in his videos and has reached 10 million subscribers in the last few weeks!
  3. Technology Mafia – Arthur is a great guy – originally I got into his videos when I first started using mirrorless cameras and I really wanted to check out the lenses I should purchase next. He often covers content such as cheaper lenses, gimbals and compares different gear against each other. Recommended.
  4. Atola Visuals – Kitty presents her videos and a really great way – her style is informative and mixes her information with really great B roll footage to show you how awesome videos and the gear she’s using (like gimbals) can be. She often takes people along to events and VLOGs about them as well as unboxing videos, reviews and more.
  5. Manny Ortiz – Manny presents videos on how to shot models and also discusses gear he uses – this was particularly important when I was moving over to Sony as he gave some really great tips about how to get the most out of my new gear.
  6. The Everyday Dad – This guy loves gear – he focuses mainly on things that would help people take better family photos and equipment that would be useful for people starting off on YouTube.
  7. DSLR Video Shooter – Caleb’s videos focus on gear reviews, tutorials and mainly focus on video work. He has given some great tips on what gear to consider and how much you can save with a little DIY work!
  8. Weekly Imogen – Weekly Imogen was one of my first photography based subscriptions back in about 2012/2013 when I got into my cameras a little more seriously. I liked the format of the videos where Imogen (and since then others) present to the camera explaining how a shoot went and why Mark (the photographer) did certain things. It gave me a lot more confidence to go and shoot a model for real.
  9. Kai W – Anyone who used to watch DigitalRev will know Kai and Lok were the stars of the channel. Kai and DR parted ways and fortunately Kai set up his own channel which currently has over 600,000 subscribers – so it would appear his old fans were faithful and followed him over – with good reason – his no nonsense approach to reviews and calling crap things crap if they are is really a well respected video style many have become fond of.
  10. Jason Lanier – Jason has been a staple of my YouTube viewing for a good few years now. I am yet to watch a video and not learn something, he talks gear, explains how shots work and how to pose models. His mantra is “keep shooting, find the right gear that works for you and remember you only have one chance to get it right” but he is always keen to show you that cheaper gear can produce outstanding results. His Sony a6000 videos really showed me how great a smaller camera could be. I also loved his videos where he does shoots in abandoned and derelict buildings. Very cool.

Also worth a watch (but top 15 dozen’t quite so cool):

  1. Lok Cheung – Lok took a break from YouTube after leaving DigitalRev, but came back to launch his own channel – he produces reviews videos and other photography related videos his presentation style isn’t as in your face as Kai – but nether the less he presents all the information you need to make an informed decision.
  2. Serge Ramelli – Serge is a Paris based photographer and does amazing tutorials in Lightroom showing how to make good photos great. He includes RAW files for you to download and work through in your video. He also offers courses and critiques students work as they progress – something which some people might find useful. His presentation style is really clear and his explanations of his settings in Lightroom are particularly helpful.
  3. Tony and Chelsea Northrup – these guys produce some great videos, I just don’t find I watch them as much as I used to. Their book is well worth getting if you are just starting out in the world of photography – it’ll be plugged on their channel and videos and is available on Amazon.
  4. Matt Granger – Australian based photographer who mainly shoots Nikon gear but has lots to say on gear, shoots and making sure you understand how the light works on different setups, etc.
  5. Matti Haapoja – aka Travel Feels – this guy rocks travel VLOGs and tutorials on how to make awesome videos – he now works in the same building as Peter McKinnon and they work closely together on lots of projects. Well worth subscribing to.

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