Photo Tip #1

Welcome to the first in a new series of posts about taking better photos.

Each post will provide you with a tip to try and improve your photographs and hopefully allow you to take some amazing photos.

Firstly a disclaimer. None of these tips are new. But if you are new to photography it is worth reading through and having a good go at these skills/tips in real life. It’ll make a huge difference to your photos.

My first tip is all about the rule of thirds. This is simply where you divide your camera view into a grid of thirds like this:

The principle is to basically put an interesting part of your image in the intersecting points on this grid (the blue dots). It allows the viewer to be drawn in rather than the subject being bang in the centre of the frame. It’s also a really good way to allow your attention to flow from one side of the photo to the other.

In reality it might look like this:

When put into real life photos the images tend to look better and are much more pleasing on the eye.

Below are a few examples of my work that make use of the rule of thirds:

By using the subject off centre (even slightly) it gives the viewer a chance for their eyes to explore the whole scene and not just the centre part.

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If you’ve got any great images of you using the rule of thirds. Feel free to comment below or tweet me @jrewillis

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